• Zipp 303 NSW Carbon Clincher

    Zipp 303 NSW Carbon Clincher
    2.489,01 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Built on the foundation laid by Firecrest and designed in wind tunnel, offering nearly unrivaled crosswind stability and one of the the most aerodynamically efficient rim designs on the market, the...
  • Catlike Mixino Helmet

    Catlike Mixino Helmet
    224,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The Mixino is the latest evolution of Catlike design philosophy. It is the first cycling helmet on incorporate Graphene nanofibers on its inner aramid skeleton. Thanks to the use of this...

  • Reynolds Stratus Elite wheelset

    Reynolds Stratus Elite wheelset
    199,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Precio listado: 299,95 €
    AHORRA 33.3% = 100,00 €
    The new Stratus Elite is a 26 mm alloy wheel that’s ideal for training, everyday riding, and even racing. Inspired by its carbon namesake, the Stratus Elite delivers a solid, stable feel, weight...
  • Kask Protone Helmet

    Kask Protone Helmet
    165,00 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Precio listado: 199,90 €
    AHORRA 17.5% = 34,90 €
    The Kask Protone - technically innovative and with an unique look. Developed in cooperation with the successful team Sky. The Proton sets standards in terms of ventilation / heat dissipation and...
  • Grupo Shimano Ultegra 6800 11v

    Grupo Shimano Ultegra 6800 11v
    559,00 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Precio listado: 639,94 €
    AHORRA 12.6% = 80,94 €
    The Shimano Ultegra now for 11 speed! Therefore many benefits have been adopted from the Dura Ace. So the FC-6800 crank also features 4-arm design and the proved Hollowglide technology.
  • Boeshield T9 Bicycle Lubricant

    Boeshield T9 Bicycle Lubricant
    11,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Precio listado: 14,94 €
    AHORRA 20% = 2,99 €
    Boeshield T-9 was developed by Boeing Aviation company as a lubricant and protector of aircraft components. Boeshield T-9 is space age technology for bicycle chains!