• Schwalbe One Evolution Folding Tyre

    Schwalbe One Evolution Folding Tyre
    19,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Precio listado: 39,95 €
    AHORRA 50.1% = 20,00 €
    The new racing tire is called Schwalbe One. The name alone indicates how significant this new tire is for the bicycle tire manufacturer based in the German town of Reichshof. It is produced by...
  • Kask Valegro Road Helmet

    Kask Valegro Road Helmet
    141,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Precio listado: 189,00 €
    AHORRA 24.9% = 47,10 €
    Kask's Valegro Road Helmet is packed to burst with protective technology. 3D dry padding, a polycarbonate shell and superb shock absorption work together in perfect harmony.
  • Boeshield T9 Bicycle Spray

    Boeshield T9 Bicycle Spray
    12,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    Precio listado: 15,95 €
    AHORRA 18.8% = 3,00 €
    Boeshield T-9 was developed by Boeing Aviation company as a lubricant and protector of aircraft components. Boeshield T-9 is space age technology for bicycle chains!
  • Kask Protone Helmet

    Kask Protone Helmet
    169,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA

    Fuera de existencia

    Precio listado: 199,90 €
    AHORRA 15% = 30,00 €
    The Kask Protone - technically innovative and with an unique look. Developed in cooperation with the successful team Sky. The Proton sets standards in terms of ventilation / heat dissipation and...