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  • SKS VX Pump

    SKS VX Pump
    4,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The SKS VX is an extra light composite frame pump with dual head for all valves. High volume per stroke. The SKS VX can be fixed between top tube and down tube.
  • SKS Airmenius Pump

    SKS Airmenius Pump
    70,95 €
    Incl. 21% IVA

    Fuera de existencia

    SKS's new AIRMENIUS combines high-quality materials in a professional floor pump. The highlights of the pump are the comfortable cork grips, the very easy to read 100 mm pressure gauge and the...
  • SKS Airworx 10.0 Pump

    SKS Airworx 10.0 Pump
    29,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The AIRWORX has been designed as a particularly robust and long-living floor pump for heavy duty professional use. Precision gauge on top with adjustment ring. Extra long high pressure tube. Steel...
  • SKS Airkompressor 12.0 Pump

    SKS Airkompressor 12.0 Pump
    22,91 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    The SKS Air Compressor is the new high-performance pump for every occasion. Alongside its outstanding value for money, the Airkompressor 12.0 captivates by its extra-long steel tube that ensures...
  • SKS Air-X-Press Control Pump

    SKS Air-X-Press Control Pump
    19,89 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    AIR-X-PRESS is the low priced entry product to the market segment of trackpumps. Foot-rests and body of the AIR-X-PRESS are made from high performance plastic produced as a unit. That makes the...
  • SKS Rennkompressor Pump

    SKS Rennkompressor Pump
    43,90 €
    Incl. 21% IVA
    For close to 50 years, the Rennkompressor has been the most popular pump in international cycling and the sole legitimate ancestor of all floor pumps. The 2008 version stands proud under the...
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Resultados desde 1 hasta 10 (28 en totale)